Our Story

In the summer of 2006; a simple message came in the form of an inspiration to create a world class marketing Communications Company that will tell world class brand stories from Africa’s perspective, retaining Africa’s nuances and authenticity. That’s why we’re simply called DMessage.

DMessage is a glocal Marketing Communications Company spreading authentic brand stories across the West African sub-region, with eyes on the world.

Our Identity

We are a lean regional Agency network with the ability to combine simple and relevant creativity with operational efficiencies; organically penetrating deep into the hearts and souls of markets across the West African sub-region. We are young and nimble by nature, which means you can count on us for fast and energetic response without dropping a beat in terms of work quality.

To us, messaging is the most important aspect of communication. We believe that marketing messages must be truthfully, accurately and creatively presented to the audience. Doing this, one brief at a time, is what gives us the kick.

Our Origin

We are a product of Africa’s rich storytelling culture and messaging. We combine the simplicity of Africa’s market square publicity and storytelling techniques with the sophistication and intricacy of contemporary marketing planning tools to put African brands on the global map.

Our Home Advantage

As a native of multiple countries across the West African coast, our keen understanding of the region puts us in good stead to tell convincingly relevant brand stories that our markets can connect with.

Our Mission

To deliver impactful brand messages that hit home with the right audiences and win the market for our clients via insider market insight, creative storytelling and strategic planning.

Our Vision

To become the choice pan African agency offering a bouquet of world-class marketing communication services.