Our Turf

We provide a range of services to our clients, with the bigger picture of delivering end to end marketing solutions. Our services include:

Knowing that reliable market intelligence is the biggest success factor in the entire marketing spectrum, our Research Unit does an excellent job gathering facts about products, brands and markets. We’re very much on ground in the West African sub-region, with a deep understanding of the markets and their peculiarities. We are deeply committed to the tenets of scientific intelligence gathering, never leaving anything to chance or assumption.


Being able to deliver the message in a simple and surprising way that evokes powerful emotions and create positive connections is just as important as the message itself. That’s exactly the kind of creative we produce. We create world-class creative materials that tell powerful stories and help our brands stand out from the clutter and barrage of information overdose. We work with ideas that are simple, extendable and highly bankable. Our philosophy is that the endgame of creativity must be improvement in our clients’ bottom line.

Public Relations

We adopt an evidence-based PR approach to solving communications issues. Campaigns are measurable to ensure ROI. We possess a wide range of capacity to handle, Issues & Crisis, Public Affairs, Analytics, Creative, Content & Social Media.

Media Planning & Buying

Our scientific approach to media buying ensures our clients get optimum value for every dime spent. We do not shoot in the dark, we work assiduously and strategically to ensure our clients’ message reaches the right audience at the right time for the right cost. We are also very in tune with modern media vents and help our clients get the best of both the traditional and digital world. With about three decades of media planning and buying your business is in the right house and you’re best positioned to reach your target market and stay ahead of the pack.

Our Approach

We practice co-creative problem solving; leveraging in-house competencies and strategic partnerships across industry – working as a team to birth great ideas and create cohesive marketing solutions. This collaborative process involves inputs from clients, market insight and scientific data.